John Kampfner

John Kampfner discusses with Ivan six things which he thinks should be better known.

John Kampfner is an award-winning author, broadcaster, commentator and cultural leader. He began his journalistic career as a foreign correspondent with the Daily Telegraph, first in East Berlin where he reported on the fall of the Wall and unification of Germany, and then in Moscow at the time of the collapse of Soviet Communism. He went on to become Chief Political Correspondent at the FT and political commentator for the BBC’s Today programme and Newsnight. As Editor of the New Statesman from 2005 to 2008, he took the magazine to 30-year circulation highs. He was Society of Magazine Editors Current Affairs Editor of the Year in 2006. 

His new book, Why the Germans Do It Better, published by Atlantic, is his sixth. His previous books include the best-selling Blair’s Wars (2003), now a standard text in schools; Freedom For Sale (2009), which was short-listed for the Orwell Prize in 2010 and in 2014 The Rich, from Slaves to Superyachts, A 2000-Year History.

1. People playing cricket in Chicago

2. Cornwall’s links with Mexico

3. Insect-based cuisine

4. The impact of climate change in the Russian Arctic

5. Marine le Pen’s gay acolytes

6. German football fans drinking and smoking on the terraces

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