Richard Walker


This week, Richard Walker discusses his six choices:

1. Florida Southern College
2. The early films of Peter Greenaway – ‘The Falls’ and other oddities
3. Michael Hurley – American folk troubadour surrealist
4. Robin Noscoe – 20th Century Renaissance man and inspirational art teacher
5. Sardinia – a hidden jewel in the Mediterranean
6. Elephant and Castle – as a desirable destination

Catharine Morris


This week, Catharine Morris discusses her six choices.

1. The role of an editor
2. Structured procrastination
3. Simon Gray’s memoirs
4. Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird
5. Benefits of having an older father
6. Pipedown

Robjn Cantus


This week, Robjn discusses six things which he thinks should be better known.

  1. The London Canal Network
  2. Brain Candy
  3. 99% Invisible
  4. Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle by Dervla Murphy
  5. Michael Rothenstein
  6. The Fry Gallery and Bridge End Gardens

Laura Barton

Society of Authors Awards June 2011

Laura  Barton  Betty Trask  award

This week, Laura Barton discusses six things that should be better known.

1. Petrol tank arrow: very few drivers know about this handy tool –

2. Oat milk tequila coffee: a drink that does not yet exist online, but is an alcohol variant of one that does –

3. The Shivers: a New York band –

4. The National Fruit Collection: Faversham’s finest –

5. Midwestern cities: Dubuque, Muscatine, Cairo, quad cities, McGregor, Iowa –

6. The history of barbed wire: how it took over the world –

Peter Parker


This week, biographer Peter Parker discusses with Ivan his six choices of things which he thinks should be better known.

1. Something for Everyone (1970), Harold Prince film starring Angela Lansbury and Michael York

2. G.F. Green (1911-77), writer

3. Calcutta/Kolkata as a tourist destination

4. Humphrey Spender, painter, photographer and designer

5. The Church of St Nicholas, Little Braxted, Essex

6. Inexpensive Progress blog:

Rachel Slade



This week, Rachel Slade discusses with Ivan her six choices of things which she thinks should be better known.
1. The wild outdoors of North East London
2. Meaderies
3. Blind Melon
4. Cornish Independence movement
5. Sarah and Duck
6. Isles of Scilly

Joanne Harris


Joanne Harris discusses her six choices of things which she thinks should be better known.

1. The Breton kouign-amann

2. Louis Pergaud

3. The Child Ballads

4. The 23rd century BC Sumerian poet Enheduanna

5. Fanny Eaton

6. The Rollright stones