Tom Barber

Tom Barber discusses with Ivan six things which he thinks should be better known.

Tom Barber was a journalist for many years, writing for GQ, the Evening Standard and Tatleramong others before founding the award-winning travel company Original Travel with two friends in 2003. Original Travel has gone on to win a number of industry awards, and specialises in tailormade trips to original destinations around the world, with particular expertise in adventurous and educational family holidays, sabbaticals and sustainable travel, including a new portfolio of train-only trips from the UK. He is currently also Travel Contributing Editor for Esquire, Conde Nast Traveller’s only recognised family travel expert, and Glorious Leader of the No Fruit Out of Context Party. Tom lives in Norfolk with his wife and four children.

1. Paddy Leigh Fermor books A Time of Gifts and Between the Woods and the Water and

2. Transylvania

3. Chateau Musar

4. Philantourism

5. Picture This app

6. Sabbaticals

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