Catriona Seth

Catriona Seth discusses with Ivan six things which should be better known.

Catriona Seth FBA is the Marshal Foch Professor of French Literature and a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. She was brought up in the UK, in Switzerland, in Venezuela and in Belgium. Before becoming a university academic, she worked as a translator and interpreter, as a management consultant and as a schoolteacher. She has published widely, mainly in French, on 18th-century literature and culture. Her objects of research have included Marie-Antoinette, smallpox inoculation, women’s life-writing, Germaine de Staël and André Chénier.

1. Bilingualism

2. Loose-leaf Assam tea

3. Auctions

4. Sleeper trains

5. Concert halls for chamber music

6. The life and works of Katherine Read

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