Kris Hollington


Kris Hollington discusses with Ivan six things which he thinks should be better known.

Kris Hollington is a bestselling non-fiction author and ghost-writer of over twenty books, mostly covering crime, several of which have been adapted for TV dramas and documentaries and nominated for various awards. In 2017 he won the People’s Book Prize for non-fiction and his latest book, Corrupt Bodies, written with Peter Everett, is currently long-listed for the Crime Writers’ Association prize for non-fiction. Kris is also a dedicated street photographer ( and @krishollington) and freestyle BMX-er.

  1. The Essays of David Foster Wallace and
  2. The joy of extreme sports in middle age and
  3. The assassinations of Alfred Herrhausen and Detlev Rohwedder and
  4. The Anti-snore backpack
  5. Hawksley Workman
  6. Harold Feinstein

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