Clare Mulley


This week, Clare Mulley talks to Ivan about six things that should be better known.

1. Eglantyne Jebb–A-Biography-of-Eglantyn/23450779

2. Melitta Schiller von Stauffenberg–The-True-Story-of-Hitlers-Valkyries/21401991

3. Ecosia

4. Diversity within British history

5. The range of services of local councils

6. The achievements (and diversity) of female special agents–the-secrets-and-lives-of-one-of-Britai/14277647

Clare Mulley is the award-winning author of three books. The Woman Who Saved the Children won the Daily Mail Biographers’ Club Prize, and The Spy Who Loved, now optioned by Universal Studios, led to Clare being decorated with Poland’s national honour, the Bene Merito. Clare’s third book, The Women Who Flew for Hitler, is a dual biography of two extraordinary women at the heart of the Third Reich, but who ended their lives on opposite sides of history. A regular contributor to TV and radio, Clare recently gave a TEDx talk at Stormont, wrote last year’s BBC Reith Lecture quiz, and lectures in London and Paris on wartime female special agents. She also reviews non-fiction for the Telegraph, Spectator and History Today. Clare was chair of the judges for the Historical Writers Association 2017 Non-Fiction Prize, and has recently become an honorary patron of the Wimpole History Festival.

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