Jonny Forbes


This week, Jonny Forbes talks to Ivan Wise about six things which he thinks should be better known.

1. Extreme heavy metal of the past thirty years – an overview of death metal, thrash metal and other key developments:…2015.00272/full

2. Benefits to mental health of juggling – throwing balls in the air is good for you in lots of ways:…circus-skills/

3. Slovenia as tourist destination – Ljubljana is just the tip of the iceberg:…ia-attractions/

4. Medical benefits of psychedelic drugs – David Nutt and the research into how drugs can help those with depression:…psychedelic-drugs

5. I’m a Cyborg but that’s OK – South Korean romantic comedy film from the director of the Vengeance trilogy:…-thats-ok-review

6. British invasion in comics – Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and how superheroes became flawed:…world-of-comics/

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